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20 June 2010 @ 04:40 pm
Behold the Vuvuzela!  
I've been watching the World Cup, sort of. I'm not a huge sports tv fan or anything, but every once in a while it's interesting. I do like seeing people from all different countries - that, I think, is a pretty cool idea.

Watching any game is impossible without also hearing the piercing buzz of the vuvuzela. At first, I attributed the annoying buzzing sound to a bad connection or something. The World Cup's in South Africa, so I thought that perhaps the satellites transmitting from down there weren't working properly with the ones that my tv uses. And then my dad told me about the vuvuzela. I wonder how anyone can actually stand being at the games, having to listen incessantly to that noise. And what kind of pleasure can a person really get out of blowing those horns over and over again? Talk about annoying.

I saw this fantastic video that makes fun of the vuvuleza players, and it's also a "Lord of the Rings" parody, so definitely worth posting. And definitely worth a laugh or three.


In unrelated but exciting other news: I just installed an icon-making program on my computer! That means that I can finally start making and posting some icons of my own. I love looking at the pretty icons that others have made and have always wanted to make some of my own. My program’s nothing fancy like Photoshop, but still it will be fun to learn. Given that I’m always computer-illiterate when it comes to new programs and skills, it could be a little while before I have enough icons to post. But look forward to icon posts from me in the future!


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