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26 October 2010 @ 11:10 pm
Pure Procrastination  

So it's been about forever and a day since I posted last. I feel like there's not much to say, nor do I have much time in which I can say nothing. I guess it's that I feel guilty writing on here when I should be using writing time to work on pieces for my writing journal. But I can only be overly creative for so long. 

My friend keeps telling me I should get a tumblr account, but somehow I feel as though that is simply a more childlike version of livejournal. Something about the format just messes with me. Really, the margins are just huge. Everything seems so simplistic - and no, simplistic is not the same thing as simple. I had a teacher clear up that misconception a few years ago. Simplistic implies more of a derogatory, almost condescending view on something overly simple. I know she uses it to post her poetry and fiction, but really I don't even post my creative works on here, so why in the world would I open another account to not post things? I do like livejournal; I just need to think of better things to post. But really - I would like to know the differences between livejournal and tumblr (besides, of course, the fabulous lj communities).

I've decided that I do like fairy tales actually. I would really enjoy studying them as a professor or something. The histories behind them are fascinating and nearly all of them were not written for children initially. I already know far too much about Beauty and the Beast, but maybe I'll post some fun facts and such on here as an outlet to help process this vast amount of information.

So I'm just rambling at the moment. But Halloween this weekend! I anticipate having a good time in my French courtesan costume. :)
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