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01 December 2010 @ 06:10 pm
You and Me, Let's Start a Revolution  

So apparently I'm a total history nerd. I mean, I do love reading historical fiction books - still about the real world, yet I can learn things! And much more interesting than reading about everyday life. I live in the present, so I'd prefer to read about people experiencing things that I don't have the opportunity to do. I do love my stories abot Tudor England, Egypt, and Arthurian England in particular.

Anyway, my mind was checked out from work, so I took a break and found this most awesome youtube account: historyteachers. They create historical parodies using popular, modern songs. Some of them are particularly genius.

My favorite: 
</lj-embed>I'd probably love anything that does a good parody of "Bad Romance."

I enjoy parodies to a certain extent. They have to be well-made (as in matching the syllables and rhyme scheme of the original lyrics). Doing otherwise just is sloppy in my opinion. They also have to be clever. I think these videos do both. And they have the added bonus of pretty good accompanying videos.  

Here's to the time that I will spend the next few days watching all of their videos.
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